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Name: Iwona
Comments: Hi!! a really lovely site. But I`m really impressed about Your dogs!! They are great!!! I really like them!!! I was enjoyed to visit Your site!!! I will be back here more and more:) Best Wishes Iwona form Poland
Email: iwonap20@gmail.com
URL: www.east-point.com.pl
Location: ,  ,  Poland
Date Posted: 2/11/2007 4:22:11 PM

Name: Gosia
Comments: Excellent page and dogs, of course :-). Wishing you a lot of success! Best regards from POland Gosia& Keira (GSP)
Email: goshka3@wp.pl
Location: ,  ,  Poland
Date Posted: 1/8/2007 9:52:14 AM

Name: Mary Mueller
Comments: A trip down memory lane promted me to do a web search on our dog Eden's Lighning Snapper & it was so awesome to see her off-spring. Very nice site you have & thanks! Snapper's mom Mary
Email: MM47@wi.rr.com
Location: Brookfield,  WI, 
Date Posted: 11/12/2006 3:11:21 PM

Name: jula
Comments: you have many nice dogs and beautifuul photo with pointing dogs!!
Email: jula@mooneyes.pl
URL: www.mooneyes.pl
Location: ,  ,  Poland
Date Posted: 11/4/2006 5:32:44 AM

Name: Brett
Comments: Classy dogs!
Email: brett.bryan@morgankeegan.com
Location: Arlington,  TN,  USA
Date Posted: 10/17/2006 1:21:04 PM

Name: Rebekah
Comments: I like your dog's
Email: bexxy25@yahoo.com
Location: North East,  MD,  U.S.A
Date Posted: 9/17/2006 12:28:06 PM

Name: ron
Comments: In my opinion, Robert Grove is doing right by the breed with the selective breedings. I got a wonderful pup and exspect wonderful things from the dog.
Email: niles@worldpath.net
Location: ashland,  nh, 
Date Posted: 7/10/2006 2:23:15 PM

Name: John
Comments: I am impressed with your website & the quality of your hunting companions & puppies. I have raised GSP's for 18 yrs and for 11 yrs have raised pups out of a direct son of Stradivarous Baroque male. Have had great success with his progeny. I am a firm believer in the Hustler lineage. Keep up the good work.
Email: jjprince@cox.net
Location: Pittsburg,  KS,  USA
Date Posted: 7/7/2006 7:38:07 AM

Name: Paul and Christina Racioppo
Comments: Robert, Thank you for a great pup! Your program is the finest available.
Email: Paul@dpr1.com
Location: Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvan,  USA
Date Posted: 7/4/2006 11:13:04 AM

Name: Burrell Allen
Comments: Sandhill Shorthairs
Email: per48tor@cneconnect.com
Location: Woodward,  Oklahoma,  USA
Date Posted: 6/8/2006 5:15:58 PM

Name: Brian
Comments: Great site and awesome looking dogs cant't wait to get hold of one of these fine shorthairs
Email: BrianC@hydrosoft.net
Location: Lancaster,  Pa., 
Date Posted: 6/2/2006 4:36:32 AM

Name: Andrew Holter
Comments: Great Looking Dogs...I am so excited about the new litter
Email: andrew@dawsonandnye.com
Location: Middletown,  NJ,  USA
Date Posted: 5/7/2006 6:47:16 PM

Name: Maree Pledger
Comments: Love your GSP's.. All with strength.. Love your site..
Email: acewild55@dodo.com.au
URL: http://www.acewildkennels.com/
Location: Hobart,  Tasmania,  Australia
Date Posted: 3/3/2006 5:54:53 AM

Name: Edward
Comments: Proffessional, considerate people!
Email: edwardeh2@msn.com
Location: BJI,  MN,  USA
Date Posted: 2/11/2006 3:07:45 PM

Name: Sgt Olson
Comments: also stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC
Email: olsonsm@gcemnf-wiraq.usmc.mil
Location: west palm beach ,  florida,  us
Date Posted: 12/8/2005 6:07:10 PM

Name: Gerry Handy
Comments: The most beautiful GSP's I've ever seen!!!! Excellent Website!!!
Email: GHandyman@charter.net
Location: Sparta,  WI,  USA
Date Posted: 12/8/2005 1:27:09 PM

Name: Rodger Barton
Comments: I've never seen so many terrific looking roan GSPs in one place :-) Very nice dogs Robert. You should be proud of what you've accomplished. Great site too. Rodger
Email: rjbarton@sbcglobal.net
URL: www.lsgspc.org/Hud.html
Location: Cedar Hill,  Texas,  usa
Date Posted: 12/7/2005 9:21:05 PM

Name: Rebecca Bush - Atorae GSP's
Comments: Great Site! Good Luck with your dogs.
Email: autore@senet.com.au
URL: www.users.senet. com.au/~rlbush
Location: Adelaide,  South Aust,  Australia
Date Posted: 12/1/2005 10:28:55 PM

Name: Ruthann Dewey-Weldon
Comments: Very impressed with your pedigree's and quality you are producing...
Email: dewwelsgsp@advnet.net
URL: .dewwelkennels.com
Location: Avoca,  Michigan,  U.S.A.
Date Posted: 10/10/2005 10:41:46 AM

Name: Randy Bauman
Comments: Just looking at your site and saw you were heavy in the Stradivarious line....
Email: pearflies@charter.net
Location: Vienna,  WV,  USofA
Date Posted: 9/22/2005 6:34:19 PM

Name: Ryan
Comments: Nice looking dogs.
Email: ryan_doolittle@hotmail.com
Location: Taber,  Alberta,  Canada
Date Posted: 9/13/2005 9:21:58 PM

Name: Ruthann Dewey-Weldon
Comments: Very nice web site... I love your dogs..... Glad to see another dedicated GSP breeder.....
Email: dewwelsgsp@advnet.net
URL: http://www.dewwelkennels.com
Location: Avoca,  Micihigan,  U.S.A.
Date Posted: 7/29/2005 4:57:56 PM

Name: Kendra Bowie & Tracy Haugh
Comments: Wonderful site. We own A GSP that is a great grandchild of Bar Lou's Sin City Slick and Bar Lou's Special edition
Email: babyBrittsGSPs@msn.com
Location: Falling Waters,  WV,  USA
Date Posted: 7/13/2005 12:48:09 PM

Name: stephen fiedler
Comments: owner of Kai Sundance Kissis grand daughter of Stradivaris Maximilien to me at 18months what a great dog in the field.
Location: godfrey ,  illinois,  madison
Date Posted: 7/8/2005 3:00:15 PM

Name: Jeff Neatherlin
Comments: Great looking Shorthairs, really great. Very Nice Job. Good Luck and God Bless
Email: jhneatherlin@plateautel.net
Location: Carlsbad,  New Mexico,  USA
Date Posted: 6/26/2005 3:13:24 PM

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